12aumatin.tumblr.com - This is my new main blog, and like I stated previously, I apologize for switching over AGAIN. I know it’s tedious to re-follow, but I’m confident that if you like my content that maybe you’ll follow again. If not, I hope you guys enjoyed the ride; and I thank you.

morningsky.tumblr.com - This is my PERSONAL blog, and this contains 100% original content from me. (Except the music, which is of course not made by me; but uploaded by me. Also, I’ll post some pictures of my everyday life and interests) It’s also a blog for me to try to expand my literary writings and collect my thoughts. I hope you all can check out this blog and learn a bit more about myself.

You may unfollow this blog and switch over to 12aumatin if you’d like. If you think it’s tedious and I’m a fool for making ANOTHER blog, I can perfectly understand.